Mission Heights Primary School

2018 ACE Options

Please read through the ACE descriptions below for 2018. The ACE courses are listed in Terms, by category (Discovery, Enrichment, Essentials, Passions and Sports), and then by alphabetical order.

Term 4 Options

Art therapy (ARTT4)

Love art? Love music? Why not both? Create artworks using different types of medias while listening to relaxing music. This is the time where you can chill while being creative at the same time!

Bollywood (BOLL4)

Love dancing - why not experience Bollywood music and dance? If you know Punjabi dance you can join in too.

Funky Art (FUNK4)

Funky Art with a brand new teacher for all the funky little artists of MHP

KPOP Dance (KPOP4)

Korean Hip Hop Dance: come along to learn and share awesome dance moves. Boys and girls welcome.

Ukuleles (UKUL4)

Come and learn how to play and sing a variety of chords and songs on the ukuleles.



Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills. Please talk to your teacher about whether you are eligible.

Rewarding Reading (RERE4)

Come and get lost in a book, read your way through different authors, discover and compare. Different themes each week.

Upstart Writing (UPWR4)

Come and write for the Upstart Magazine and have the opportunity to win prizes for your writing.

English Essentials

Athletics (ATHL4)

Come and practise your sprints, high jump, long jump and throws in preparation for athletics day.

QuizKnows (QUIZ4)

Want to test out how SMART you are? Well join this ACE and test your knowledge on different topics, themes and ideas through a quiz. We will create teams, with team names and each week we will see who KNOWS best.


Maori Crafts (MCRA4)

Learn about the exciting culture and crafts of the Maori world. Learn to make and use a poi, Maori art and play cool games.


Magic Maths (MATH4)

PRESELECTED: Do you want to learn some wonderful strategies how to count things faster without using your fingers? Students: Jared Thomas, Kelly Fan, Sade Cooper, Aldan Shen, Clinton Nguyen, Khloe Crosbie, Yazid, Dia Gupta, Sanjeet, Ayaan Agarwal, Akhil Kanagala, Paramveer Singh, Kenisha, Lipika, Ikamjyot, Jessjeet, Carmen, Sehen, Krishna.

Maths Essentials

Silly Science (SISC4)

Come and learn lots about science and do some exciting experiments.

Social Studies

British Time (BRIT4)

Would you like to learn about a new culture? Learn about different foods from England and what celebrations they have.


Advanced Chess (ACHS4)

For advanced chess players only. Come and compete for chess supremacy.

Badminton (BADM4)

Learn Badminton from a professional! Learn arm strokes and improve your reflexes and footwork!


Be a Google Whiz (GOOG4)

Do you want to learn all the tricks for using Google Apps in the classroom? In this ACE, you will learn how to use your email, organise your files, make slideshows, quizzes, websites and more!

Coding for beginners (BECO4)

Are you new to coding and want to learn more? Come and join this ACE and become a coding expert!

Foodstorm (FSTA4)

Food with attitude! Have fun being playful with food, and make everyday food out of the ordinary with our awesome recipes. PLEASE don't select if you have done this before (this year or last year).

Robotics (ROBO4)

Coding simple to complicated robots!!!

Sensible Sewing (SSEW4)

Learn to repair your clothes, to stitch on buttons and do some basic sewing.


Chinese Dance (CHIN4)

Learn a traditional Chinese dance with an experienced dance tutor. Learn to use the ribbons and other dance apparatus.

Contemporary Dance (CONT4)

Love the stage? Put your twirls, leaps and elegant moves to the test with this challenging and fun dance ACE!

Drama, Drama, Drama (DRAM4)

Are you a Drama king or queen? Come show off your dramatic side in this super fun ACE!

Orchestra (ORCH4)

Please only select if your name is below: Preselected: Josiah, Joy, William, Wendy, Japleen, Vicky, Ian, Rick, Bowen, Cyril, Eva, Emily, Mysha, Emily, Phoebe, Anna, Dishita, Lucas, Rongxin, Eva Optional: Manas, Aashi, Ferris, Hayley, Ella, Raima, Samiya, Kelly, Benjamin

Pastel Art (PAST4)

Come and find your hidden talent through artwork. You will be surprised, so get set go.

Scrapbooking (SCRA4)

Want to create a fun, picture journal. Come join me in this scrapbooking ACE where you can create a snapshot into your life using colour, photos, writing, pictures and a journal. You will have lots of fun creating a photo journal of your life.

Zentangle Art (ZENT4)

Draw, design or doodle, come and share your ideas and start a story.


Blogging for Beginners (BLOG4)

Do you want to learn how to create your own website? Come to blogging for beginners where you can be creative online and design your very own blog!

Boys Writing (BOYS4)

Your opportunity to write about awesome boy stuff, sharks, snakes, man eating tigers, motor bikes or maybe even ninjas. Your imagination is your only limitation.

ESOL for Seniors (ESLS4)

Come along and improve your english while playing fun games. Please talk to your teacher about whether you are eligible.

ESOL Thursday - Year 2 (ESLT4)

Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills. Please talk to your teacher about whether you are eligible.

Go with the flow (hand writing) (HAND4)

Do you want to express yourself and communicate with the world around YOU? Come to this Handwriting ACE to improve your pencil grasp and legibility.

Language Games (LAGA4)

Improve your English by playing language games. How fun is that?

Love our Library (LOLI4)

Come and help make the library beautiful with Mrs Townsend. Make interesting crafts all about books.

Reading Club (RECL4)

Do you love reading or need to read some more? Take this opportunity to relax and read many cool books.

Spelling (SPEL4)

Learn how to spell words and improve your skills through fun spelling games!

Your voice - your story (VOIC4)

Do you want your voice to be heard? Do you want to tell your own story? This ACE will give you the chance to write what you want and have your voice broadcasted.

English Essentials

Reading Adventures (RADV4)

PRESELECTED: Do you want to become a better reader and read more of your favourite books? Come and learn the tricks to be a great reader. Please select if your name is below: Jonathan Huang, Jessie Nguyen, Mahdi Ahkbury, Criss Yan, Anvi Sharma, Vincent Zhang, Jaslyn Kaur, Ananya Rattan, Ayaan Manocha, Eden William, Terry Hu, Marama Uitime, Emily Zhang, Himal Seth, Marius Erasmus


Board Games (BGAM4)

Do you love to play board games? Come and practise you skills and learn new games such as Mastermind, Sequence, Monopoly, Connect 4, Scrabble, Bananagrams, Chinese Checkers, etc.

Fine Motor Skills (FINE4)

Come and improve your fine motor skills by using scissors, pencils, pegs, knives and forks, and all sorts of other tools to have some fun.

Kapa Haka (KHID4)

PRESELECTED and others: Kapa Haka, a family who express and showcase their heritage and cultural identity through song and dance. Learn some new songs in Maori, learn the art of poi dancing, create a new haka, create new Maori dance moves to your favourite songs, come along to festivals that are shown on T.V and represent the school! Please select if your name is below (others welcome to join too): Khloe Crosbie, Sarah Grant, Teagan Ali, Mahala Frost, Ramari Uitime, Kharyce Laumea, Sophia Bassano, Holly Grant, Caramel Williams, Brooklyn Taylor, Gia Prasad, Smriti Chal, Amanda Brak Yon, Tina Chen, Samantha Lang, Chloe Liu, Ngakau Tukua, Taimania Tukua, Marama Uitime, Lauralye Letalatala, Skylar Healey, Jessica Xu, TyreseTupai, Marley Akesh, Tamati Campbell, Gafa Lowrey, Asher McPhee, Brian McPhee, Sam Newman, Jack McSaveney, Akaylah Healey, Xavier Fineso, Micah Fineso

Top Trumps (TRUM4)

Learn to play Top Trumps and make your own cards


Mathex (MATX4)

Do you love to solve mind bending Maths puzzles? Are you always keen for competition? Come and practice your Mathex skills.

Maths is a pattern (PATT4)

Maths doesn't have to be boring! Come and join this ACE to learn about patterrns and create your own through different materials and equipment!

Maths Essentials
Social Studies

Ball skills and games (BALL4)

Want to get better at sports? Let's learn how to catch and throw while playing some ball games! We'll discover different sports too and learn how to play them.

Cricket (CRIT4)

Were you a member of the MHP cricket team this year or are you interested in playing for the school next year? Are you a club cricketer or have played before? Come to this ACE to refine your skills.

Soccer Fun (SOCC4)

They're back! Play soccer in the inflatable field. Learn skills & have fun.

Ultimate Frisbee (FRIS4)

Ultimate Frisbee is an awesome game that involves catching and throwing a frisbee to your team mate, so that you can score a goal. Think soccer with a frisbee! All welcome to join.


3D Printing (3DPR4)

What do you fancy creating? If you enjoy using the computer and creating different objects, come along and learn design with Mrs Wright.

Coding and Robotics for everyone (CORO4)

Have fun extending your coding and robotics skills with our new coding expert.

Junior Coding (JUCO4)

Learn to code, use blue bots and make maps! Come and get creative with coding!

Knitters Club (KNIT4)

Come on everyone, come to the knitters club to learn this unique art of knitting. Make trendy coasters, hand bands and head bands for your friends and family.

Magical Story Photographers (MGPH4)

Love taking photos? Learn how to take photos and turn them into a magical story.

Snack Making (SNAC4)

Love making your own yummy snacks. Join this ACE and learn how to use a different kitchen gadgets like a grater and whisk to make your own snacks for morning tea!!!


Korean Fan Dance (KFDA4)

Take this opportunity to wear our spectacular Korean Fan Dance costumes and learn to dance this traditional dance with a real dance master.

Recorder Cats (RECO4)

Preselected - Be apart of Mrs Hsu's recorder cats. Ian, Ferris, Aashi, Japleen, Josiah, Ella, Samiya, Joy, William, Wendy, Raima, Manas, Jolin, Dishita, Cong Zhi, Nina Chen, Kelly Ma

Samoan Dance (SAMD4)

Come and learn the beautiful and exciting moves of Samoan Dance


Speaking Games (SPEA4)

Need to work on your speaking and listening skills? Come and perform some plays, sing some songs and play oral language games!

Wonder Writing (WOND4)

Come and write wonderful stories.

Word Art and Storytelling - spelling & writing support (WART4)

Do you enjoy art and creating exciting stories at the same time? Come along and see where your ideas take you.

Write your own book (WYOB4)

Ever wanted to create your own fantasy, adventure or mystery novel...while now you have a chance. Join me in this writing ACE and come up with your own characters, settings,plot and ending. It will be fun, creative, mysterious or scary depending on what you write about.

Writers Theatre (WRTH4)

This ACE is all about drama! Come along and be ready to get on stage and perform!

English Essentials

Brain Teasers: Thinking outside the box (BRTE4)

Do you enjoy riddles, brain teasers, maths, puzzles and more then come join Mrs Marais for some brain exercising fun!

Google Song Maker (GSON4)

Would you like to learn how to write down songs and your own music? Come and learn how to use Google Song Maker and have heaps of fun.


Maths Mania (MMAN4)

Come and practise your maths by playing lots of fun maths games.

Money, money, money (FIMA4)

Enjoy learning maths about money? Come and learn how you can save your money and become rich!

Spreadsheets (SPRE4)

Come learn some new ways to use a spreadsheet, do calculations and solve some tricky problems.

Maths Essentials

Exploring Science (SCIE4)

Science is full of mysteries and lots of fun! Do you want to learn about everyday science and find out why things Fizz and Pop? Would you like to see Magician Mrs Lal perform magical tricks then you must come and join Magical World of Science. Abracadabra!!!

Social Studies

Around the World (ARTW4)

Do you want to learn about countries around the world? Come aboard our ACE plane and collect passport stamps as we take a trip to different countries and learn all about different cultures and traditions.


Basketball (BASK4)


Cricket - learn to play (CRIF4)

Girls welcome and encouraged to play. Have you ever watched one of the most popular sports from around the world and thought, wow, I could totally play that sport? Come to this ACE and learn this amazing sport. This is for beginners only.

Dance Fitness (DFIT4)

Do you enjoy dancing? Do you want to dance while getting fit at the same time? Come along to this ACE and show us your moves!

Outdoor Education (OUTE4)

Be part of the most adventurous ACE ever: Team Building, Rockets, Slacklining, Tepee/shelter, Blokarts and Archery


3D Printing (3DPF4)

What do you fancy creating? If you enjoy using the computer and creating different objects, come along and learn design with Mrs Wright.

Coding (CODE4)

Want to create your own games? Want to design things that you like? Why not use coding? Come and learn something exciting!

Felt Toys (FELT4)

Do you want to make a sock toy or practise your sewing skills? Come along to this ACE.

Technology Challenge (TECH4)

Work with a team to build the biggest, strongest, and best technology challenge of the week!