Mission Heights Primary School

2019 ACE Options

Please read through the ACE descriptions below for 2019. The ACE courses are listed in Terms, by category (Discovery, Enrichment, Essentials, Passions and Sports), and then by alphabetical order.

Term 4 Options

Art History continued (ARTH4)

Keep going on your journey through the art time line into the modernist styles. New to art history? Not a problem.

Bollywood (BOLL4)

*PRESELECTED* Prachi LZ15, Namisha LZ13, Anu LZ20, Janvi LZ24, Samaira LZ15, Anuska LZ15, Lipika LZ27, Sanjeet LZ27, Trisha LZ27, Amba LZ28, Dristi LZ28, Danushna LZ25

Do you enjoy drama? Acting? Singing? Role-playing? Then this is the ACE for you. (DRAM4)

Stomp!! (STOM4)

Want to make music with really weird and strange objects? Like to make ALOT of noise! Come to this ACE!!!


ESOL - Year 3 (ESLW4)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills. Japjot Singh, Alan Gan, Benjamin Huang, Russel Leang Kry, Rongxi Liu, Evan Sim, Ekamvir Singh Virk, Elsa Yang, Tim Zeng, Javeria Bari, Jayden Chen, Kingston Huang, Philip Nguyen, Marie Noun, Ryan Rahul Prasad, Iris Wen, Lawrence Yang, Emily Zhang, Adit Bajaj, Akhil Kanagala, Gurnek Singh, Dora Wang, Bonnie Zhang, Paramveer Bath Singh, Chloe Jo, Gauri Parmar, Terry Hu, Sarah Liu, Jacky Ma, Shang Shi, Himal Seth, Tim Wu

Love your library (LOLI4)

In this ACE you will be learning Library skills, having fun with scavenger hunts and other games as well as creating book marks and library displays.

English Essentials

ESOL - Year 4, 5, and 6 (ESL44)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Come and have fun while learning English.


MHJC Transition (MHJC4)

Are you nervous about going to MHJC next year? Have you got lots of questions about what you do when you are there? Come and join Mrs Gillanders and get a chance to find out more about MHJC and experience what it is like there.

Team Building Games (TEAM4)

Do you love working in groups with your friends? Well then this is the ACE for you. Come along and bring your friends too as you learn how to work as a team to solve different challenges.

Weird Competitive Sports (COMP4)

Have you ever played competitive musical chairs? What about Competitive paper plane flying competition? Do you want to learn the secrets to winning rock paper scissors? Come join me to earn your place among the pillars of society, where your name shall be celebrated for the years to come.


Good Times (Tables) (TTAB4)

Struggling to learn your times tables? Come and learn Mr Campbell's tried and true secret method.

Maths Essentials

Lets Go Out With a Bang! (BANG4)

Are you a scientist? Do you like to see things explode? Do you like to test things and see what happens? Are you the next scientist that will revolutionise man-kind? Then this ACE is for you! LET'S DO SCIENCE!

Magic Science (SCIE4)

Magical World of Science!! Science is full of mysteries and lots of fun! Do you want to learn about everyday science and find out why things Fizz and Pop? Would you like to see Magician Mrs Lal perform magical tricks then you must come and join Magical World of Science. Abracadabra!!!

Social Studies

Athletics (ATHL4)

Come and practise your athletics skills: 100m, Relays, Long Jump, High Jump, and Throws.

Badminton (BADM4)

Learn Badminton from a professional! Learn arm strokes and improve your reflexes and footwork!

Hand Ball (HAND4)

Would you like to learn how to play handball? This is your chance!

Touch (TOUC4)

PRESELECTED for members of the HPPA Touch Teams. *PRESELECTED* Ethan Monk, Jayden Monk, Dylan Naicker, Gurpreet Singh, Zahir Daud, Sameer Mehta, AJ Mosa'ati, Toesh Rawat, Jake Evans, Rayaan Kapadia, Kalolaine Palalagi-Taulagaono, Tina Chen, Sarah Grant, Aaban Bari, Antonio Borges, Allen Guo, Liam Kidd, Jack McSaveney, Waqar Mohammed, Harry Nguyen, Nirmit Singh, Udayveer Singh, Sophia Bassano, Sophia Vaimauga, Riya Prasad


Foodstorm (FSTA4)

Food with attitude! Have fun being playful with food, and make everyday food out of the ordinary with our awesome recipes.

Make It. Create It. (MAKE4)

Are you creative and like to design and make things from scratch? This ACE is for you! You can choose to make a house, building, skyscraper, shopping mall or sports stadium. We will use virtual reality apps and a range of materials and resources to make your creations come to life!

Micro Monsters (MICR4)

Are you feeling creative? And love to code too? Come along and make your own monster talk using a microbit.

Minecraft Magicians (MINE4)

Are you crazy about Minecraft? Interested to learn a range of subjects, from history and chemistry to sustainability and foreign languages. Come join the magical work of minecrafters!

Sensible Sewing (SSEW4)

Learn to repair your clothes, to stitch on buttons and do some basic sewing.

The Great Coding Adventure (GCAT4)

Use different applications and devices to improve your coding skills.


Carnegie Hall Orchestra (CHOR4)

Link Up is a programme from famed Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute. It pairs orchestras with students in years 3 – 6. Students willp attend a concert at the Vodafone Event Centre where they sing and play the recorder from their seats in the audience with the full orchestra. In other words, the audience is part of the show! The following students may select this ACE (but don't have to): LZ13: Danree Liu, Ethan Lim, Lucas Zhong, Rick Zhao, Tanvi Lad LZ14: Emily Chu, Eva Makil, Ferris Zhang, Owen Chen, Simma Huang, Vicky Lin LZ15: Carenza Thong, Jessica Tian, Kevin Luo, Royall Lau LZ16: Benjamin Ye, Helle Liang, Ian He, Maya Su LZ17: Aizah Batti, Anna Long, Emily Pan, Jake Evans, Jessica Xu, Mandy Ng, Marissa Ly LZ19: Elijah Shi, Mysha Ong, Phoebe Guo LZ20: Anu Gill, Aashi Golcha LZ21: Ethan Jo LZ22: Benjamin Huang, Brian Wu, Elsa Yang LZ23: Iris Wen, Katherine Cao LZ26: Alexander Ly, Alysa Liang, Angie Zhang, Wil Sern Tan LZ27: Andy Zhang, Ismaiah Conda, Raymond Wang, Liam Mosa'ati, Kayla Hermanto, Ryan Wang, Tejinder Labama LZ28: Aarav Kumar, Max Gao, Victoria Xu LZ29: Shang Shi, Mikayla Ma LZ30: Alice Shen, Chloe Liu, Peng Qu

Cheeky Graffitti (GRAF4)

Did you know that Graffiti is all about words? And guess what? Words matter! Words bring ideas to life and words teach us. Words shape our understanding of the world. Come and explore your artistic side in creating your own graffiti art.

Dance, Dance (DANC4)

No matter what your level of experience or preferred style of dance is ....Dance! Dance is a fun Dance ACE. So get ready to dance and have fun at the same time.

Fabric Painting (FABR4)

Come and learn to mix colours and explore different painting techniques. You will learn how to upcycle one of your old white T-shirts and you will leave with your very own unique design on it.

Paint Away! (PAIN4)

Do you enjoy painting? Do you want to practise your techniques or learn new techniques? Come along and paint away!

Tantalising Textures (TANT4)

Want to learn how to create beautiful backgrounds for your art? Then this ACE is for you!

Traditional Dance Moves (TRAD4)

Come and learn traditional steps while having fun and doing some exercise.


Become a News Reporter (NEWS4)

Come and learn how to interview, and film your very own news segments.

ESOL - Year 1 (ESL14)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Please talk to your teacher about whether you need to take it. You can also choose to do the Friday ESOL ACE instead.

ESOL - Year 2 (ESLT4)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Please talk to your teacher about whether you need to take it. You can also take the Friday ESOL ACE instead.

Poems, Poems, Poems (POEM4)

Do you like playing with words? Come along and have fun with words by creating poems about monsters, ice-cream and more!!!! Lets find our inner poet together!

English Essentials

ESOL for Y4, 5, 6 (ESLS4)

*PRESELECTED* Become an expect at speaking English and have some fun at the same time. Lets do plays, quizzes, debates, make videos and a whole lot more. Please get your teacher's permission before selecting this.


Advanced Chess (ADCH4)

Who is the best of the best! I want to find the MHP chess top gun. This ACE is NOT for beginners!

Board Games (BGAM4)

Do you love to play and learn new board games - come and join this ACE!

Kapa Haka (KHAK4)

Join our awesome Kapa Haka crew. Tu meke!

Travel the world with Google Tour Builder and Google Earth (GOOG4)

Have you heard of Google Tour Builder? Would you like to travel around the earth without leaving the classroom? Let's go and discover what's out there!


Geometric Art (GEOM4)

Do you like art? Do you like geometry? Do you like things to be even? Come and check out geometry art While listening to soothing music.

Maths Games (MAGA4)

Do you need to practice your maths skills, but still want to have fun? Come play some maths games that will get your brain thinking and buzzing!

Maths Essentials

Magic School Bus (MASB4)

Join us for some magical adventures and learn all about different science topics! Don't forget to bring along your imagination!

Make a Mess (MESS4)

Come and make a mess! We will be testing and mixing a range of liquid and solid ingredients to see if they react. Will they blow up, fizz up, expand or pop!

Super Savvy Science (SUPE4)

Want to do fun experiments with everyday household items that you can find in your pantry? Then you will want to join us for some super fun science!

Social Studies

Advanced Cricket (CRIC4)

Are you interested in playing for the Girls or Boys Cricket Teams for 2020? Come learn the skills that will help!

Kung Fu (KUNG4)

Get fighting fit with this awesome form of martial art.

Netball (NETB4)

Would you like to have the opportunity to play Netball? Learn skills to shoot though the hoop? Then join this ACE to learn skills to be a better netball player.

Rugby (RUGB4)

Like Rugby or Rugby League ? Come and get up skilled, will be learning defensive skills, attack and ruck plays.

Soccer (or Football) (SOCC4)

*AHI students can not choose due to Sonshine Ranch trip* Play soccer with the pros!

Sweat Club (SWEA4)

Do you want to be part of the fitness community at MHP? Do you like to workout? Do you love music? Come along to the challenging workouts created by Miss Dennis!

Tapu'ae (TAPU4)

Are you a big fan of sports like netball and touch rugby? Well I have the ACE for you. In Tupa'ae you will get to learn the rules and how to play a traditional Maori sport and also learn some new words in Te Reo along the way. Come along and have a go at this quirky and entertaining sport.


3D Printing (3DPR4)

Come and try 3D Printing with the master of 3D Printing Mr Hargreaves. Who knows what you could create with your creativity and his technical skills!

Builders are Go! (BUIL4)

Do you like building using lego, mobilo and blocks? Then come join this ACE and see if you can achieve "The challenge of the day!"

Coding with Mr Church (CODT4)

Use different coding applications to create games and control robots.

Coding: Text to Speech (CODE4)

Want to create your CODING TEXT TO SPEECH? Want to design things that you like? Why not use coding? Come and learn something exciting! Writing skills are thought in text to speech.

Create a Gift Box (GIFT4)

Do you enjoy being crafty? Come and create your own gift box while having fun with your friends.

Knitters Club (KNIT4)

Come on everyone, come to the knitters club to learn this unique art of knitting. Make trendy coasters, hand bands and head bands for your friends and family.

Lego Masters (LEGO4)

Want to build using instructions, create your own models and compete in the MHP Lego Masters? This is the ACE for you! Put your lego building skills to use with story writing thrown in too.

Snack Making (SNAC4)

Love making your own yummy snacks. Join this ACE and learn how to use a different kitchen gadgets like a grater and whisk to make your own snacks for morning tea!!!

English Essentials

FRIDAY ESOL for Years 1 & 2 (ESLF4)

Come and learn English and have fun at the same time. You may choose this or the Thursday one.

Maths Essentials
Social Studies