Mission Heights Primary School

2019 ACE Options

Please read through the ACE descriptions below for 2019. The ACE courses are listed in Terms, by category (Discovery, Enrichment, Essentials, Passions and Sports), and then by alphabetical order.

Term 1 Options

Art Panels (ARTP1)

Preselected only: Marissa Ly, Sophia Zhao, Mandy Ng

Garage Band (GARA1)

If you enjoyed Google Song Maker and you are ready for the next step, come and learn how to write music using the programme Garage Band.

Korean Fan Dance (KFDA1)

Betty Ngo, Ashlyn Chancellor, Maya Taneja, Riya Prasad, Hayley Nguyen, Amanda Brak Yon, Tina Chen, Chloe Nguyen, Sarah Grant, Sophia Bassano, Puneet Kaur, Josephine Law, Anna Long, Emily Pan

Paper Party (PAPP1)

Come and have fun discovering the creative world of paper crafts and other exciting things to make!


Drama and Stories (DRAM1)

Take your favourite piece of literature and make it dramatic for us all to enjoy!


PRESELECTED ONLY: Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills.

HPPA Literacy Quiz (QUIZ1)

If you are a book worm. Join the team that will represent MHP at the HPPA Literacy Quiz Competition in term 2. Read 16 books and answer the questions to win. This ACE goes over 2 terms.

Writing Warriors (WWAR1)

Become a writing warrior! Have fun writing and creating cartoons with Mr Tamariki. Preselected + Others. Preselected are Asher, Mahonri, Marley, Tamati, Rapheal, Sam, Kalo.

English Essentials

Braiding Bunch (BRBU1)

Do you enjoy braiding or hairdressing? Join us as we put your braiding skills to the test. From braiding string and flax to braiding hair - we have it covered. Become an expert and show off your new found skills to your friends!


Learn German (GERM1)

Was ist los? What's up? Do you want to learn the German language?


Lets be mates with Maths (MATE1)

Learn maths through fun games and activities! We will be looking at all strands of maths whilst having fun!

Mathex (MATX1)

Do you love to solve mind bending Maths puzzles? Are you always keen for competition? Come and practice your Mathex skills with Mr Gee and Miss Dennis.

Maths Essentials
Social Studies

Night at the museum (NATM1)

Make history come alive, learn about famous events and people in history

Trash to Treasure (TRTR1)

Let's get creative! Do you enjoy recycling and recreating old things by giving them a new look and purpose? If this is you, then you are place. See you in LZ30!

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? (WWCS1)

Come and travel the world to help me find Carmen Sandiego!


Badminton (BADM1)

Learn Badminton from a professional! Learn arm strokes and improve your reflexes and footwork!

Beginner Yoga (YOGA1)

Are you interested in being in a calm and relaxing atmosphere where you can learn moves that will improve your inner strength and flexibility, come to this ACE!

Orienteering (ORIE1)

Come and learn the skills of orienteering with Miss Horton. An awesome, fun activity, and a chance to explore around the school with your buddies.

Touch - it's a sport! (TOUC1)

Practice the skills of touch (it's a sport) with Mr Tuhaka. Its a fun game of running and passing a ball. If you are good enough you might make it into the HPPA tournament in Term 4.


Coding (CODM1)

Want to create your own games? Want to design things that you like? Why not use coding? Come and learn something exciting!

Creative Photography (PHOT1)

Want to get more creative taking photos? Learn the basics and start to take amazing photos!

Digital Breakout (DIGB1)

Discover your inner detective as you use interact with clues to crack codes and solve mysteries. A closed case or a cold case? Who know's whats hiding behind every puzzle.

Foodstorm (FSTA1)

Food with attitude! Have fun being playful with food, and make everyday food out of the ordinary with our awesome recipes.

Sensible Sewing (SSEW1)

Learn to repair your clothes, to stitch on buttons and do some basic sewing.

The Great Coding Adventure (GCAW1)

Let's get into some more seriously interesting coding adventures. We will use online and offline digital technologies to explore the world of the code!


African Dance (AFRD1)

Want to learn how to bring out your dance skills. Come and have some fun with African beats.

Art Therapy (ARTT1)

Love art? Love music? Why not both? Create artworks using different types of medias while listening to relaxing music. This is the time where you can chill while being creative at the same time!

Bollywood (BOLL1)

PRESELECTED: Faith, Gurnek, Aviraj, Ekamvir, Tehzeeb, Trisha, Ishani, Lipika, Ekampreet, Kenisha, Drishti, Sanjeet, Reihana, Anushka, Prachi, Ridhi, Farizaa, Sonali, Prabvir, Kinjal

Collage (COLL1)

Come create art from bits and bobs. We'll make artworks using paper, cloth and other knick knacks!

Contemporary Dance (CONT1)

Preselected: Sarah Grant, Amanda Brak Yon, Tina Chen, Hayley Nguyen, Betty Ngo, Ashlyn Chencellor, Selena Chen, Brooklyn Taylor, Eliza Zeyni, Maylene Le, Trish Sudhakar, Karmyn Lau, Khloe, Teresa Song, Alisha Bansal

Expression with threads (EXPR1)

Would you like to learn the art of hand embroidery? Learn to master the skills of basic hand embroidery to create your own masterpieces. Design it. Stitch it!

Flower Making (FLOW1)

Come and learn how to make realistic looking flowers from paper and other common items.

Junk Band (JUNK1)

The Music of Junk is a musical adventure of original music performed on original instruments built from recycled junk. gather up your rubbish and make sweet music from them!

Sasa Dancing (SASA1)

PRESELECTED: LZ12: Camilla, Tearoa, Daphne, Timothy, Liam LZ10: Kobe, Nadia, Liam, Eden, Sage LZ11: Mia, Kayla, Celeste, Faith, Sehansa

Uptown Funk (UPTF1)

If you want to learn a fresh, fun creative style of hip hop dance then Uptown Funk is for you! PRESELECTED: Rosita Soh, Lydia Liu, Isabella Chen, Anjali Matthews, Everitt Strong, Lynette Lau, Arrambh Lodha, Faith Alontave, Ayham Hamed, Haaniyah Bashir, Simran Aitharaju, Gurnek Singh, Jett Patel , Pravish Sharma, Shanaya Nadan, Dhruv Maisuria


English with Mrs Bornman (ALLE1)


ESOL for Seniors (ESLS1)

Preselected Only - Come along and improve your english while playing fun games.

ESOL Thursday - Year 2 (ESLT1)


Myths and Legends (MYLE1)

Love telling stories? Love listening your favourite traditional myths and legends? Then this is the ACE for you. Have a go and come and some of the most amusing, unusual and straight up bizarre myths and legends and the history behind them.

Podcasting (PODC1)

Have you got something to say? Come and learn to podcast and let the world know what you think!

Spelling Bee (SBee1)

A fun competition to test your spelling skills with cool prizes up for grabs!

English Essentials

Holiday Makers (HOMA1)

Do you want to plan your very own holiday? Learn about what it takes to plan your perfect vacation. You will write emails, budget, search travel websites and look for the best attractions to see and places to dine in other than McDonalds.

Kapa Haka (KHAK1)

Join our awesome Kapa Haka crew. Tu meke!

Make an artefact (ARTE1)

Come listen to a myth and legend from around the world. We will listen, talk and start to think about different designs we can create. You will then design and create your own artefact that you can take home at the end of it!

Maths Essentials

Bugs and Bees, Butterflies & Trees (BBBT1)

Want to find out interesting facts about nature? Come and explore with me.

Matter Matters (MATT1)

Come and have fun exploring matter and how it changes. You won't believe your eyes!

Plant Time (PLTI1)

Do you want to create your own garden? Come along and learn more about plants and how to become a fantastic gardener!

Social Studies

Basketball (BBAL1)

Do you want to be the next Lebron James or Steph Curry? Come to basketball!

Box Fit (BOXF1)

Are you keen to learn some new boxing skills, while getting fit at the same time? We'll be learning some moves and putting some cool combos together!

Catch some air (frisbees and big balls) (FRIS1)

Want to learn how to throw or catch a ball and frisbee? We will have fun on the field and you will find out how good you are at catching a ball and frisbee!

Netball (NETB1)

Come and learn the skills you need to improve your netball game! Get ready for the HPPA competitions in Term 2.

Soccer (or Football) (SOCC1)

Play soccer with the pros!


Cooking in Class (COOK1)

Do you love experimenting in the kitchen? Throw on an apron and join the cooking class. You're about to become a Junior executive chef!

Escape Games (ESCG1)

Come and try out some escape games and write your own.

Knitters Club (KNIT1)

Come on everyone, come to the knitters club to learn this unique art of knitting. Make trendy coasters, hand bands and head bands for your friends and family.

Snack Making (SNAC1)

Love making your own yummy snacks. Join this ACE and learn how to use a different kitchen gadgets like a grater and whisk to make your own snacks for morning tea!!!

The Great Coding Adventure (GCAT1)

Let's get into some seriously interesting coding adventures. We will use online and offline digital technologies to explore the world of the code!


Art around the world (AATW1)

Come and try different types of art making from all around the world

Bachata Dance (BACH1)

Basic steps of Bachata dance for both keen dancers and those who are still discovering their left foot and their right foot. Beginner dancers more than welcome.

Chinese Ribbon Dance (CRIB1)

Do you want to look like an angel twirling in a stash of ribbons? Then you have come to the right place!

Handmade with love (HAND1)

Stuck on what to give your loved ones for their birthday? Want to make something for your friend. Join Mrs Mohammed to learn how to make quick and easy gifts from stamped tea towels to creating your very own cards.

Maori Art (MART1)

Work on art panels with Mr Tuhaka to decorate our whare!

MHP Chamber Orchestra (ORCC1)

Be apart of Mrs Hsu's acclaimed chamber orchestra. Preselected: Nate, Jessica, Carenza, Rick Zhao, Lucas Zhong, Anna Long, Emily Pan, Kevin Luo, Ian He, Vicky Lin, Phoebe Guo, Mysha Ong, Aashi Golcha, Eva Makil, Tanvi Lad, Emily Chu, Benjamin Ye, Elsa Yang, Max Gao, Elijah Shi, Tina Chen, Hayley Nguyen, Louise Ling, Raymond, Alice, Danree, Ethan, Brian, Iris Wen, Katherine

Polynesian Group (POLY1)

Become a member of our awesome Polynesian Group.

Trash to Fashion (TRTF1)

Unleash your creativity and let's turn everyday materials into works of wearable art!


Adventure Writing (ADWR1)

Fun writing that is targeted towards those who want to explore their adventurous side. Come and have fun learning new creative writing techniques with a artistic flare.

ESOL for Seniors (ESLF1)

Preselected Only - Come along and improve your english while playing fun games.

English Essentials

Game of Life (GAME1)

In The Game of Life game, players can make their own exciting choices as they move through the twists and turns of life.

Maths Essentials

Science Wizards (SWIZ1)

Science is full of mysteries and lots of fun! Do you want to learn about everyday science and find out why things Fizz and Pop? Would you like to see Magician Mrs Lal perform magical tricks then you must come and join Science Wizards . Abracadabra!!!

Weird and whacky creatures (WWCR1)

Learn about all the weird and whacky creatures in this world!

Social Studies

Tiki Tour Around New Zealand (TIKI1)

Come and learn more about NZ and all the amazing places in NZ. If you like doing research and learning about Geography, this is the ACE for you!


Chess for Beginners (CHES1)

This is your chance to learn the basics of the game. No advanced players please.

Create your own Zumba or Just Dance tracks! (ZUMB1)

Come and put your own spin on Zumba, Just Dance and Jump Jam! Not for the faint-hearted! Let's create some cool moves for our MHP crew to learn and follow!

Cricket (CRIC1)

Preselected: Rayaan LZ 20, Addie LZ 15, Jasmeet LZ 20, Sameer LZ 14, Jack LZ 13, Gurpreet LZ 19, Tushan LZ 15, Ethan LZ 19, Jayden Monk LZ 17, Raskika LZ 16, Samantha LZ 16, LZ 15, Sarah LZ 14, Gurveer LZ 13, Jessica LZ 15, Imaan LZ 15, Samaira LZ 15, Carenza LZ 15, Anna LZ 17, Aizah LZ 17

Future Ferns (FUFE1)

Come and learn to play a sport! Playing netball means you can learn new skills, get exercise and most importantly: HAVE FUN!

Gymnastics (GYMN1)

Come along and learn how to be a gymnast! You will practise skills like forward rolls, cartwheels and handstands.

Hockey (HOCK1)

Come along and learn the skills you need to play hockey and get ready for the HPPA tournament in Term 2.


3D Printing (3DPR1)

Come and learn design techniques and see them printed on the 3D Printer.

Cushion Making (CUSH1)

If you love sewing and creating then this is the ACE for you. Come and make cool cushions with Mrs Norton.

iPad animation (IPAD1)

Come and make your own animations and stories on the iPads.

The Great Technology Challenge (GTCH1)

Use electronics, digital materials, tools of all types to produce your own invention. No time machines please!