Mission Heights Primary School

2019 ACE Options

Please read through the ACE descriptions below for 2019. The ACE courses are listed in Terms, by category (Discovery, Enrichment, Essentials, Passions and Sports), and then by alphabetical order.

Term 3 Options

Art Gallery (ARTG3)

Develop your own art style through the study and exploration of art through the ages. Take a look at a famous artist and their style of creating. What art will you produce?

Bollywood (BOLL3)

*PRE SELECTED* Prachi LZ15, Namisha LZ13, Anu LZ20, Janvi LZ24, Reihana LZ18, Anuska LZ15, Lipika LZ27, Sanjeet LZ27, Trisha LZ27, Amba LZ28, Ridhi LZ25, Kinisha LZ26, Kenisha LZ26, Drishti LZ25, Tanvi LZ30,

Chinese Ribbon Dance (CRIB3)

*Pre-selected* Learn the beauty and grace of the Chinese Ribbon Dance.

Design it! Stitch it! (HEMB3)

Learn the art of hand embroidery. Explore hand embroidery for beginners as a fun, relaxing way to bring your inspirations to life!

Maori Art (MART3)

Work on art panels with Mr Tuhaka to decorate our whare!

Umbrella Dance (UMBR3)

Dancing is fun! Come along and learn how to do a range of dances using umbrellas. You can create your very own dance piece and show off your moves to your friends.


Become an author (AUTH3)

Do you want to improve your writing skills? Come along and learn new vocabulary and make your writing amazing!

ESOL - Year 3 (ESLW3)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills. Japjot Singh, Alan Gan, Benjamin Huang, Russel Leang Kry, Rongxi Liu, Evan Sim, Ekamvir Singh Virk, Elsa Yang, Tim Zeng, Javeria Bari, Jayden Chen, Kingston Huang, Philip Nguyen, Marie Noun, Ryan Rahul Prasad, Iris Wen, Lawrence Yang, Emily Zhang, Adit Bajaj, Akhil Kanagala, Gurnek Singh, Dora Wang, Bonnie Zhang, Paramveer Bath Singh, Chloe Jo, Gauri Parmar, Terry Hu, Sarah Liu, Jacky Ma, Shang Shi, Himal Seth, Tim Wu

Hooked into writing! (HOOK3)


Love your library (LOLI3)

In this ACE you will be learning Library skills, having fun with scavenger hunts and other games as well as creating book marks and library displays.

Roald Dahl (reading) (DAHL3)

Do you want to know more about the magical world of Roald Dahl? Do you want to improve on your comprehension skills? Come and join to learn these marvellous themes and fun activities.

English Essentials

ESOL - Year 4 (ESL43)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Drishti Chauhan, Max Guanning Li, Aditya Krishna Chand, Tejinder Labana, Manjap Dhaliwal, Janhavi Kumar, Shivam Mistry, Jessjeet Singh, Jared Thomas, Aimee Li, Nicola Long, Arjun Rathore, Adeshveer Sidhu, Teresa Song, Victoria Xu, Yazid Sahib, Sanmeet Kaur Sivia, Sukhleen Kaur, James Ma, Seheneshan Santheesh, Tvisha Tvisha, Lucas Young, Faizan Bari, Kyle Chen, Clinton Phu Nguyen, Aldan Shen, Angie Zhang, Eric Mao, Wil Sern Tan


Create your own board games (BGAM3)

If you love playing board games, you will love this ACE. Make up your own board games with your very own rules.

Did you say Let's Clean? (CLEA3)

Did you say "Let's Clean"? Do you want to be the next Marie Kondo. Do you want to learn new and creative ways to organise and clean your items? This is the ACE for you!

Magic Maths (MAGM3)

Do you want to learn some wonderful strategies how to count things faster without using your fingers? In this ACE you will learn how to skip count, add and share numbers equally. You will even learn the secrets about timetables and how it works. So come along and join us and your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables, we just need to train your brain! PRESELECTED: Carmen Lee LZ27, Jessjeet Singh LZ27, Teresa Song LZ28, Sanmeet Sivia LZ30, Clinton Nguyen LZ26, Jared Thomas LZ27, Yazid Sahib LZ25, Harnoor Kaur Sandhu, Emily Hayes, Ikamjyot Singh, Sehen Santheesh, Krishna Chand, Khloe Crossbie LZ28, Ngakau LZ28, Manaia Key LZ30, Jessica Kong LZ26, Zara Rakeeb


Good Times (Tables) (TTAB3)

Struggling to learn yourtimes tables? Come and learn Mr Campbell's tried and true secret method.

Mighty Maths (MIMA3)

*PRE SELECTED* Amar (13), Akaylah (13), Ashley (13), Sam (15), Calais (15), Paris (15), Daniel (16), Mahonri (16), Akriti (16), Sienna (17), Anshiv (17), Reihana (18), Brooklyn (18), Lily (19), Kalolaine (19), Dhara (19), Marley (20), Ansh (20), Miki (20), Rylen (21), Puneet (21), Ameen (21)

Maths Essentials

Augumented reality with science (AUGR3)

Come and learn science through augmented reality. Blow your mind!

Social Studies

Badminton (BADM3)

Learn Badminton from a professional! Learn arm strokes and improve your reflexes and footwork!

Dream Team (DRTM3)

Do you like to be challenged? Are you good at thinking outside of the box? Do you enjoy working as a team and supporting others? Come along and build your leadership skills while having fun.

Netball (NETB3)

Come and learn the skills you need to improve your netball game!

Yoga Fit (YOGA3)

Get in your P.E gear, bring your towel and come along and experience the 26 postures of Bikram Yoga. You will get flexible, strong and feel great!


Coding with Mr Church (CODW3)

Use different coding applications to create games and control robots.

Foodstorm (FSTA3)

Food with attitude! Have fun being playful with food, and make everyday food out of the ordinary with our awesome recipes.

Sensible Sewing (SSEW3)

Learn to repair your clothes, to stitch on buttons and do some basic sewing.


African Dance (AFRD3)

PRESELECTED: Lydia Leo 7, Anaya Palit 7, Rosita Soh 7, Arial Singh 7, Maddison Hale LZ 5, Parneet Kahlon LZ 5, Arya Rama LZ 5, Nina Wang LZ 5, Preshtihka Mudaliar LZ 6, Shinaya Shahani LZ 12, Gurleen Buttar LZ 5, Libby Bowers LZ 9, Akira Bala LZ 9, Lynette Lau LZ 12, Faith Yoong LZ 11, Gursifat Kaur LZ 4

Ancient Arts (ANCI3)

Enjoy learning about the past? Do you want to do some art also? Lets join the two and create history - Art History!

Drama (DRAM3)

Dip your toes in the field of Performing Arts and tell an epic story through Drama.

Garageband for beginners (GARA3)

Let's learn more about music and garageband. This is where you explore new instruments, new music genres, and make music through garageband.

Pop Stars (POPS3)

Do you enjoy singing and dressing up? Come along to 'Pop Stars' where you will get to sing your favourite tunes and even dress up as your favourite stars. If you love to sing and perform... this is the ACE for you.

Recorder Cats (RECC3)

PRESELECTED ONLY (but you can choose a different one if you want): Clara LZ21, Luyi LZ17, Marissa LZ17, Mandy LZ17, Emily LZ17, Liam LZ17, Jake LZ17, Royall LZ15, Jessica LZ15, Danree LZ13, Benjamin LZ16, Ian LZ16, Phoebe LZ19, Puneet LZ19, Karman LZ19, Benjamin LZ14, Vicky LZ14, Jack LZ14, Ferris LZ14, Riya LZ20, Aashi LZ20, Anu LZ20

Van Gogh Art (GOGH3)

Do you want to be the next Vincent Van Gogh? Do you want to turn your art into a masterpiece? Come join us as we create unique art pieces inspired by Van Gogh.


Adventure Writing (ADWR3)

Explore your hidden writing skills. Become a published author. Come on a writing adventure.

Boys Writing (BOYS3)

Interesting stories, and fun stuff to ignite the imagination of the young male writer

ESOL - Year 1 (ESL13)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Please talk to your teacher about whether you need to take it. You can also choose to do the Friday ESOL ACE instead. Aashriya Prasad, Alex Zhang, Alice Zhao, Amber Huang, Amber Li, Ananya Lal, Andrew Zhang, Angela Kong, Bayvers Zhang, Bill Au, Charles Lin, Charlotte Wang, Diljot Heer, Eileen Xu, Emily Nguyen, Eric Huang, Eric Zhang, Ethen Chen, Eva Liu, Gumerher Virk, Gurnoor Tatla, Harleen Kaur, Harshil Kumar, Hartaj Singh, Imogen Strong, Jan Feng, Jason Nguyen, Jayden Yeoh, Jeet Patel, Jeremy Lin, Kashika Mehta, Kelvin Xu, Kiaan Gulati, Lara Prasad, Leon Hu, Mina Liu, Mon Ly, Nihar Deo, Paramvir Singh, Pekkie Huang, Risha Prasad, Rong Lan Liu, Ryan Arora, Ryu Mendioro, Saavi Sood, Shivaan Mani, Tani Kumar, Theresa Cao, Tiffany Zhou

ESOL - Year 2 (ESLT3)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Please talk to your teacher about whether you need to take it. You can also take the Friday ESOL ACE instead. Adam Jawabri, Aiden Chen, Ajay Anand Sharma, Alyssa Lo, Amber Fung, Ananya Rattan, Andy Li, Andy Zhao, Anvi Sharma, Arrambh Lodha, Camilla Shi, Caren Wang, Celeste Cheong, Charlie Xu, Daphne Zhang, Dhanya Kunapuli, Dhruv Maisuria, Ekam Singh, Ekam Singh, Eliza Ali, Fayz Lai, Felix Yichen Weng, Felix Zhang, Fu Long Jonathan Huang, Gunreet Sangha, Hao Rui Yan, Harris Tingxi Li, Harrison Yao, Helen Ho, Hugo Kayne Milne, Isabella Chen, Jaslyn Kaur, Jason Zhang, Jessie Nguyen, Kayden Yao, Keisha Sharma, Krishay Prasad, Liam Cao, Liam He, Mahdi Akbary, Marius Christiaan Erasmus, Max Sihan Yu, Melody Chung, Melody Shi-Yu Liu, Mibo Chen, Michael Huang, Nitya Vemparala, Ollie (Sicheng) Ni, Pansy Qu, Rebecca Wei, Rickey Muni Goundar, Ruben Rai, Samson Yu, Sehansa Gamage, Terence Chen, Theo Sage David, Tim Madoka, Usman Meer, Vincent Zhang

Online Comic Writer (COMI3)

Do you want to write your own story and create comics? Come and learn how to be a creative writer.

Writing Wizards (WWIZ3)

Mrs Garimella, the writing wizard, will help you to magically improve your writing!

English Essentials

Handwriting Magic (HAND3)

If you need to strengthen your pencil grip and want to learn how to make your letters bold and beautiful, then come and join Handwriting Magic for some pencil fun!

Kapa Haka (KHAK3)

Join our awesome Kapa Haka crew. Tu meke! Smriti Achal, Fariza Ali, Teagan Ali, Aanya Ashrita, Amanda Brak Yon Imaan Cheema, Selena Chen, Sade Cooper, Rania Faisal, McKhyla Flores, Mahala Frost, Holly Grant, Sarah Grant, Akaylah Healey, Shyla Koh-Godsmark, Gia Kumar, Miki Lange, Kharyce Laumea, Jenifer Le, Chloe Liu, Asher McPhee, Calais Neri, Sam Newman, Mahi Sandhu, Paramveer Singh Bath, Laurel Swann, Brooklyn Taylor, Paris Wheeler, Jack McSaveney , Manaia Key, Ramari Uitime

Mindfulness (MIND3)

Come and learn some skills to relax, focus and strategies to cope with change.


French (FREN3)

Do you want to learn a beautiful new language to impress all of your friends? Come here and learn it together!

Learn Sign Language (NZSL3)

Come and learn the basics of sign language. It's fun, interesting, and gives you a secret way to communicate with your friends!

Reading (READ3)

Come and have fun while improving your reading skills.


Mathex (MATX3)

Do you want to improve your problem solving skills? Do you want to be the very best? Then come join us and practice for the Mathex competition!

Maths Extension (MEXT3)

Are you good at maths and want to try harder maths? Then come to this ACE and level up! PRESELECTED (and any other S5/6): Isabella, Alex, Anjali, Christopher, Felix, Faith, Lucas, Mathew Jiao, Celine Pan, Ayaan Manocha, Anya Palit, Nicholas Wei, Austin Jiang, Harrison Yao, Eva Xue

Maths Essentials

Magic Science (SCIE3)

Magical World of Science!! Science is full of mysteries and lots of fun! Do you want to learn about everyday science and find out why things Fizz and Pop? Would you like to see Magician Mrs Lal perform magical tricks then you must come and join Magical World of Science. Abracadabra!!!

Science Art (SART3)

Come to LZ 7 and experience an unique Scientific Art. Students will be inventing new concepts and technologies to create their art work.

Science Fun (SCIF3)

Do you like doing experiments and making predictions? Come to this ACE and learn fun things about science.

Social Studies

Come and explore the world (EXPL3)

Want to come and explore other countries and lands? Learn about different countries, their culture and even do some traditional art? Come join this ACE while we travel through the seven different continents around the world!


Soccer (or Football) (SOCC3)

Play soccer with the pros!

Tapu'ae (TAPA3)

Come and learn the traditional Maori game of Tapu'ae. If you're a fan of Netball, Basketball or any other team sport then you will love this sport. It is a game where you will come up with cunning plans and outwit your opponents to score as many points as possible.

Volleyball (VOLL3)

Ever wanted to learn the different skills of playing volleyball? Want to learn how to serve, spike, dig, set or block? Come and show off your skills!


Animated Cats (ANIC3)

Do you want to know how to make an animated cat walk on an IPad? Or how you can move a Bluebot? Come join this ACE and we will make them come alive!

Busy Builders (BUSB3)

Come and use your imagination to build your own creations using all sorts of objects and materials.

Coding with Mr Church (CODT3)

Use different coding applications to create games and control robots.

Knitters Club (KNIT3)

Come on everyone, come to the knitters club to learn this unique art of knitting. Make trendy coasters, hand bands and head bands for your friends and family.

Robot Coders (ROBO3)

Do you want understand how to make robots move? Come a long and improve your coding knowledge.


Art Therapy (ARTT3)

Love art? Love music? Why not both? Create artworks using different types of medias while listening to relaxing music. This is the time where you can chill while being creative at the same time!

Creative journalling (JOUR3)

Do you love doodling and colouring? Create a beautiful journal that includes planning, photos, gratitude records and other areas of mindfullness.

Google Song Maker (GOOG3)

Bring your ear phones and your creative ideas, and come and learn to write you own music using Google Song Maker.

MHP Chamber Orchestra (ORCC3)

Be apart of Mrs Hsu's acclaimed chamber orchestra. PRESELECTED ONLY (but don't have to choose): Benjamin Ye, Helle Liang, Emily Pan, Elijah Shi, Tanvi Lad, Phoebe Guo, Mysha Ong, Ian He, Vicky Lin, Rick Zhao, Hayley Nguyen, Lucas Zhong, Maya Su, Ethan Lim, Emily Chu, Aashi Golchha, Raymond Wang, Kevin Luo, Anna Long, Jessica Tian, Eva Makil, Carenza Thong, Riya Prasad, Danree Liu, Alysa Liang, Marissa Ly, Angie Zhang, Andy Zhang, Ferris Zhang, Royall Lau, Aizah Bhatti, Max Gao

Pasifika Beats (POLY3)

Come practise and perform with Mrs Lowrey in our awesome Polynesian Group.

Photography (PHOT3)

Come along and learn new ways to take photos. Explore the photography world.

Sketch and Draw (SKET3)

Learn how to draw well and even learn how to paint! Just follow along the easy steps.


ESOL for Seniors - Friday (SFRE3)

PRESELECTED ONLY: Please talk to your teacher about whether you need to take it. Y3 or Y4 can join who have a clash on Wednesday Y5: Aavai Singh Sandhu, Abdulrahman Osman, Anmoldeep Kaur, Arnav Pratik Prasad, Clara Kang, Cris Xyrelle Evora Ortega, Elliza Zeyni, Kevin Luo, Lucas Zhong, Reihana Rahimi, Simran Virk, Sophia Yu, Yaqi Annu (Annie) Lin, Zara Trajano Y6: James Jiang, Ket Bugshaw

Silly Skits (SKIT3)

Always fancied yourself a bit of an actor or actress? Well this is the ACE for you! Let your imagination run wild as you work together with your buddies to write the most creative and wackiest stories you can think of. Then get into character as you act out your zany stories.

Speeches and Debates (SPEE3)

Would you like a chance to become a better speaker and debater? This ACE is ideal for people who want to compete in the MHP Speech Finals and maybe even represent MHP at the HPPA Finals!

English Essentials

Beginners Chess (CHES3)

Not great at Chess and would like to improve? Then this is the ACE for you. We will be playing online, so you can't make illegal moves. If you are already a good player please stay away. Advanced ACE will be back in term 4.


Terrific Tanagrams (TANA3)

Come try out terrific tangrams. You are sure to learn lots about shapes. Put on your thinking hat and learn about flips, slides and turns.

Maths Essentials

Coke Science (COKE3)

So much science can be learned from a bottle or can of cola. Don't believe me? Come and find out. P.S No you won't be drinking lots of coke!

Social Studies

Basketball (BBAL3)

Do you want to become a future NBA all star? Do you want to become the next Lebron/Steph Curry/Michael Jordan/Kobe/Steven Adams? Then come to basketball!

Gymnastics (GYMN3)

PRESELECTED for gymnastics competition Y3 girls: Elsa Yang LZ22, Mikayla Ma LZ29, Akshara LZ29, Shanaya LZ29, Devanshi LZ29, Alvyna Zhang LZ22, Gauri Parmar LZ30, Katherine Cao LZ23, Jessie Zheng LZ22 Y4 girls: Chloe Huang LZ25, Katelyn Lin LZ27, Carmyn Li LZ28, Alisha Bansal LZ28, Tanisha Rasela L25, Ava Gooneratne LZ25, Tvisha Tvisha LZ25, Tamara LZ27 Y5 girls: Selena Chen LZ18, Holly Grant LZ18, Brooklyn Taylor LZ18, Mandy Ng LZ17, Zoya Ismail LZ13, Eliza Zeyni LZ21, Mayleene Le LZ21, Saskia Narain LZ21 Y6 girls: Riya Prasad LZ20, Tina Chen LZ16, Hayley Nguyen LZ16, Betty Ngo LZ16, Amanda Brak Yon LZ20, Sarah Grant LZ14, Ashlyn Chancellor LZ19, Sophia Bassano LZ19 Y3 boys: Phil Monga Burton LZ22, Japjot Singh LZ24, Russell Wong LZ22 Y5 boys: Ryan Allan LZ17, Anshiv Rao LZ17, Jake Evan LZ17, Andrew Brak Yon LZ18, Harjan Singh LZ28, Faizan Bari LZ26

Kung Fu (KUNG3)

Get fighting fit with this awesome form of martial art.

Touch (TOUC3)

Practice the skills of touch (it's a sport) with Mr Tuhaka and Mrs Wright. Its a fun game of running and passing a ball. If you are good enough you might make it into the HPPA tournament in Term 4.


Coding with Mr Church (CODF3)

Use different coding applications to create games and control robots.

Coding: Make your characters speak! (CODM3)

Learn how to create a scene, record your voice and make the characters talk. Want to design things that you like? Why not use coding? Come and learn something exciting!

Makey Makey (MAKE3)

Want to learn how to play the piano with a banana? Come to this ACE and learn how to do it and eat healthily as well!

Snack Making (SNAC3)

Love making your own yummy snacks. Join this ACE and learn how to use a different kitchen gadgets like a grater and whisk to make your own snacks for morning tea!!!