Mission Heights Primary School

2018 ACE Options

Please read through the ACE descriptions below for 2018. The ACE courses are listed in Terms, by category (Discovery, Enrichment, Essentials, Passions and Sports), and then by alphabetical order.

Term 1 Options
English Essentials
Maths Essentials
Social Studies

Bollywood (BOLL1)

If you love Indian music and want to learn the steps to the latest Bollywood songs, come to this ACE.

Creative Stitching (STIT1)

Do you think you're good with your hands and eyes? Well let's put yourself to the test of needle and threads. This is a good time to show off your creative skills while designing your own items!

Crochet (CROC1)

Come and learn to crochet! Fun and creative!

Wearable Arts (WEAR1)

Preselected - Wearable Arts is a design competition, continued from last year with Miss McAra.


Adventure Writing (ADWR1)

Fun writing that is targeted towards students who want to work on their writing and explore their adventurous side. Come and have fun with creating your own adventure stories with a twist!!


Fun activities for students who want to work on their english skills.

Performing Plays (PERP1)

Are you a bit of a drama queen? Come and join this ACE and have heaps of fun!

Writers Quiz (QUIZ1)

Preselected: Students are to read 15 Award Winning NZ Titles and focus on comprehending as many details of the texts as possible. All entrants must be amazing readers!

Writing as an author (WRAU1)

Come and hone your skills in writing; add interest and effect to your writing.

English Essentials

Board Games (BRDG1)

Are you a thinker? Are you a strategist? Do you want to try new board games other than Monopoly? Come and prepare yourself for some next level tabletop gaming!

Mega Memory (MEGA1)

Come and learn some tips and tricks for improving your memory, we'll be meeting in LZ14 (don't forget!)


Mathematical Mysteries (MAMY1)

Put your problem solving skills to the test in this mathematical ACE where we will pose questions, hunt for clues and use our mathematical minds to solve mysteries in everyday life.

Maths Mayhem (MAMA1)

Bored with maths? Find it a struggle? Come along and see let me help you see the light!

Maths Essentials
Social Studies

Badminton (BADM1)

Learn Badminton from a professional! Learn arm strokes and improve your reflexes and footwork!

Skateboarding (SKAT1)

Have you always wanted to know what it would feel like to fly? Come and learn to skateboard, doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a pro we have four wheels of fun for you! You will have a professional skateboard teacher, teaching you new tricks. You don't need your own skateboard, you just need to come along for some fun!


Advanced Robotics (AROB1)

Have you already learnt the basics of coding a robot? Do you want to take this knowledge to the next level? Come along and design, wire and code your own 2-wheeled robot, we will be using Arduino to wire and code these robots. Take your understanding of circuits and coding to the next level!

Digital Skills - ICAS (DIGT1)

Digital skills are an essential in this ever evolving society. Come and learn skills that will help you in every day life and prepare for the ICAS Digital Technologies Exam.

Foodstorm (FSTA1)

Food with attitude! Have fun being playful with food, and make everyday food out of the ordinary with our awesome recipes.

Inventors Space (INVS1)

Do you like creating new inventions? Come to the MakerSpake and let your imagination go wild!

Magical Puppetry (PUPP1)

Come and make your own puppet and act out a show. By the end you will have a puppet to play with at home.

Sensible Sewing (SSEW1)

Learn to repair your clothes, to stitch on buttons and do some basic sewing.

Snack Making (SNAC1)

Love making your own yummy snacks. Join this ACE and learn how to use a different kitchen gadgets like a grater and whisk to make your own snacks for morning tea!!!


Arts and Craft (ARCR1)

Come and get crafty in arts and crafts. We will explore different mediums and get creative.

Creative Scrap Booking (SCRP1)

Do you want to make your memories look amazing? Come along and be creative with your photos.

Dancing Toes (DATO1)

You will learn moves from a range of dance styles and how to choreograph your own dance!

Junior Artists (JUAR1)

Come to LZ 5 and meet your inner artist in a relaxed fun setting environment.

Junior Singing (JUSI1)

Love to sing? Come and learn some new songs and get your groove on!

Orchestra (ORCH11)

Preselected Only.

Paper Power (PAPO1)

If you like getting messy with glue and paint this is the ACE for you. Come and have fun making paper mache objects.

Pottery (POTT1)

Calling all creative souls! Want to create a masterpiece but don't know where to start? Waste no time and come to LZ 10! We will use clay and other materials to construct a 3D artwork you'll be proud to show off!

Trash to Fashion (TRFA1)

Got some clothes you've grown out of? Getting bored of your t-shirts? I can show you how to up-cycle, reuse, recycle, revamp and repurpose old clothing!


ESOL for Seniors (ESLS1)

Preselected - Come along and improve your english while playing fun games.

ESOL Thursday - Year 2 (ESLT1)

English Essentials

Fair Play (FPLA1)

Do you enjoy playing board games? Do you know what it takes to play fairly? Come join me in this ACE and play games you know and some that you don't.

Kapa Haka (KHID1)

Kapa Haka, a family who express and showcase their heritage and cultural identity through song and dance. Learn some new songs in Maori, learn the art of poi dancing, create a new haka, create new Maori dance moves to your favourite songs, come along to festivals that are shown on T.V and represent the school!


Mathex (MATX1)

Do you love to solve mind bending Maths puzzles? Are you always keen for competition? Come and practice your Mathex skills with Mrs Browne.

Maths Art (MART1)

Do you love Maths and Art? Come and join this ACE and create amazing Maths Art.

Maths Essentials

Grow your own Vegetables (VEGE1)

Calling all creative souls! Want to create a masterpiece but don't know where to start? Waste no time and come to LZ 10! We will use clay and other materials to construct a 3D artwork you'll be proud to show off!

Magic Science (MGCS1)

Science is full of mysteries and lots of fun! Do you want to learn how to do use science and perform magic tricks? Would you to see how Magician Mrs Lal makes paper clips float in the water then you must come and join me in LZ30. Abracadabra!!!

Nature and Science (NASC1)

Join us as we explore all things nature and discover how nature shapes the world around us. If you love nature... this is the ACE for you!

Social Studies

Ball Games (BAGA1)

Come along and play a mash up of all the great ball games out there!

Hockey (HOCK1)

Want to learn a new sport? Come along and practise your hockey skills for the hockey tournament in Term 2. YOU WILL NEED TO BUY A MOUTH GUARD AND SHIN GUARDS TO PLAY.

Softball Seniors (SFTS1)

Come and learn more about the great game of softball.

Swimming - LZ 24 only (SW241)

LZ 24 students only

Swimming - LZ14 only (SW141)

LZ 14 Only

Swimming with LZ 23 (SW231)

LZ23 Students Only!


Coding (CODM1)

Learn to code while playing fun and exciting games

Coding for Seniors (CODS1)

Come and learn some coding and programming skills. Make things move!

Crazy Cross Stitch (CRCR1)

Do you love craft? Come and try cross stitching with us and learn a new craft.

Knitters Club (KNIT1)

Come on everyone, come to the knitters club to learn this unique art of knitting. Make trendy coasters, hand bands and head bands for your friends and family.

Lego Mindstorms and Edisons (LGED1)

Ever wanted to learn how to code a robot and compete in robot challenges, come to this ACE to learn about the basics of coding and robotics.

Making Movies (MMOV1)

Do you have an interest in film making? Learn how to make trailers and movies on the iPads.


Beading and Bracelet Making (BEAD1)

Interested in learning how to make the best friendship bracelets or how to make a pretty necklace for yourself or as a gift? Give beading and bracelet making a go!

Junior Ribbon Dance (JRDA1)

PRESELECTED. Do you like to express yourself through music and movement? Do you like coming up with your own dances and moves? Join us as we create a dance that will light up the stage.

MHP Chamber Orchestra (ORCC1)

Preselected - Be apart of Mrs Hsu's acclaimed chamber orchestra.

Origami (ORIG1)

If you love making things out of paper, this ACE is for you. Come and learn how to make some cool origami creations.

Paper Mache Creations (PAMA1)

Let your ideas come to life. Choose from a range of designs and make your own model to take home

Photography (PHOT1)

Come and learn some important skills of taking great photos. Not just selfies, but high quality professional photos. By the end of the term you will have a photo cube to take home and display.


ESOL for Seniors (ESLF1)

Preselected - Come along and improve your english while playing fun games.

Hooked on Books (HOOK1)

Are you a book worm? Join in and read fabulous books and share your thoughts on your own blog!

Story Telling (STOR1)

Love listening to stories? Want to improve your listening skills and learn new vocabulary...then join me in LZ 10 and listen to stories from all over the world!

Word Building with Phonics (PHON1)

Let's have fun with beginning letters through fascinating activities.

English Essentials

Namaste (NAMA1)

Come and learn to speak Hindi


Inspirational Maths (INMA1)

Prepare to challenge yourself with inspiring mind blowing maths. Guaranteed no pens or paper needed.

Maths Essentials

Chocolate Science (CHOC1)

Are you a chocoholic? Want to learn about what can be done with this rich yummy goodness, where it came from? Is it really bad for you? Is all chocolate created equal? Sign up to find out, but be quick this one will be very popular!

Mighty Inventors (MINV1)

Want to make playdough and use it to create shapes? How high can you blow bubbles? How clever are you at picking up incy wincy teeny tiny objects with gloves on? Come have some fun learning in this ACE.

My little backyard (LIBA1)

Come along and learn how to create your own little moss garden. Learn about all the different types of moss and creatures that can live in your garden.

Myth Busters (MYBU1)

Think you can handle the truth? Well it's time to bust some myths! Let's put a few myths to the test and see if these are facts or fibs!

Scientists in the making (SCMA1)

What makes things melt? Why do things sink? Is oil heavy? Why does it rain? What happens when . . Do you love investigations? Come join us Scientists in many explorations and investigations to answer many of these questions.

Social Studies

Kung Foo (KUNG1)

Come along and learn Kung Fu. Fun, fitness and a new skill!

Netball for Year 3/4 (MNET1)

Do you love netball? Come and learn a new way to play the game.

Netball for Year 5/6 (SNET1)

Do you love netball? Come and learn a new way to play the game.

Outdoor Education (OUTE1)

ONLY FOR STUDENTS WHO HAVEN'T DONE IT BEFORE! Interested in hanging out with the guys from Youthtown, building blowkarts, taking part in challenges, and working in teams? Then this is the ACE for you....

Softball for Juniors (SFTJ1)

Come and learn more softball skills and play fun games.

Swimming - LZ25 only (SW251)

LZ25 only

Swimming - LZ26 only (SW261)

LZ26 only

Swimming - LZ27 only (SW271)

LZ27 only


Do it yourself projects (DIYP1)

We all have a lot old items which can no longer be used for the purposes for which it was designed, but with a little skill, effort and recycling they will get a new lease of life. Now is time to use them and wake up our creativity and imagination so join me now!

Lego Mindstorm (LEGO1)

Immerse yourself in the world of robots as we learn to be precise in our control. Learn to use the sensors stop the robot falling off the table or start it with a high-5!

Maori Crafts (MCRA1)

Learn about the exciting culture and crafts of the maori world. Learn to make and use a poi, play cool games, cook delicious snacks.

Turn t-shirts into bags (BAGS1)

Want to know how you can do your part to save the world while making use of your old shirts? We will be learning how to make recyclable shopping bags out of t shirts without any sewing or stitching!

World of Design (WODE1)

Do you enjoy designing clothing and products? Do you want to use your creativity to sketch and design an outfit. Come along and learn how to piece together an outfit.